Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's join together!!!

I am so fed up with today’s world and the recent happenings – religion and caste is so deeply rooted in our minds that we all have forgotten the essence of it and we are blindly holding on to certain principles thinking that this is the way God wanted it to be. Why are we so much attached to religion and caste? I believe this is the root cause of the major problems prevailing in the world today. What are we trying to teach our younger generation? I am not an atheist – I believe in God but not in religion or caste. I believe in love and peace but not in superstitions.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. You are literally what you think and your character is the sum of your thoughts. Do some soul searching and find out if you are on the right path. Are you creating the right environment for your younger generation? You are the master of your thoughts and you have the energy to transform every situation to how you would want to be.

I strongly believe that if we as an individual change our thoughts we can all collectively change the world. We need not do something great but just try and do small things; it will definitely make a difference!! This community is especially for people with likeminded thoughts and feelings – who want to spread peace and harmony. Let us all join hands together and take a vow to be God’s own people.

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