Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Wizard of Menlo Park

Thomas Alva Edison had only three months of schooling before he was considered by his teacher, “too stupid to learn”, and was sent home. His teacher actually concluded that Thomas Alva Edison could not learn and was stupid; therefore, he told Nancy Edison - his mother, she became very mad and decided to teach Thomas herself.
However, she did encourage him to be self-educated and he spent most of his time in the library reading books, especially scientific books. Thus, his mother later bought him the Dictionary of Science, and he read it all. Before Thomas Alva Edison was ten, he had already read History of England, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, History of the World, Burton's Anatomy Of Melancholy, The Age of Reason and a number of works on Practical Chemistry. Likewise, when he was ten years old he set up his own chemical laboratory in the basement of his house.

(Thomas Alva Edison)
Life for Thomas was not an easy one. So, when he was twelve, he took up a job as a newspaper boy. He sold newspapers, candy, books, fruits, and other snacks to passengers of trains.At fifteen, he purchased a small printing press located at the train station. His turning point came when he rescued the son of the railway stationmaster. To show his appreciation to Edison, he taught Edison the art of telegraphy. When he was seventeen, he became one of the most expert telegraph operators. This is a man that his schoolteacher wrote-off.
Edison continued to spend time and money on self-improvement, and as a result he gained the equivalent of many college degrees, although he had only three months of formal education. Edison realized his weakness and used the brains of others. He had a pool of 61 talented people, consisting of chemist, engineers, model makers, scientists, mathematicians and skilled mechanics.
During his lifetime, he patented more than 1,100 inventions. One of his inventions was the electric light bulb. He succeeded only after failing more than 10,000 times. Today, Thomas Edison invented something that changed the world and technology forever - the light bulb. He installed a lighting system in New York, and lit it up. Everyone thought that Thomas was a wizard, and gave him the name "Wizard of Menlo Park".

(Edison's laboratory)

You may get a lot of negative feedback from others, and so much happens in life to block the road you wish to travel. Never you give up! It takes time, real effort and a desire to become more than you already are. It's a worthy challenge.

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